Prehospital Care


QA Level 4 Certificate (RQF)

Qualification Information

Qualification number: 603/0654/3.

  • Unit 1: Patient assessment and management.
  • Unit 2: Emergency Trauma Care
  • Unit 3: Focused Emergency and Urgent Care.

Course Information

The QA Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (RQF) is an accredited, regulated and quality assured qualification that is recognised throughout the UK. This comprehensive 5-day course has been designed to provide Learners with the ability to meet a 'licence to practise' requirement that allows them to act within their scope of practice to administer safe, prompt, effective prehospital care in situations which can arise when providing emergency and urgent treatment and/or management.

This qualification is for people who have a specific responsibility at work, or in voluntary and community activities, to provide prehospital care to patients requiring emergency and urgent care/treatment. It is ideal for those looking to progress their careers within the NHS or private ambulance services as an emergency care assistant, intermediate ambulance practitioner, event medical provider, associate practitioner, healthcare assistant and supports specialist medical roles within the military, police and fire services.

Course Duration

The FREC 4 course that we deliver has a Total Qualification Time (TQT) requirement of 180 hours. In order to accommodate all key elements the course programme is delivered in the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Pre-course reading - 20hrs
  • Phase 2: Face-to-face delivery of days 1 and 2 - 16hrs
  • Phase 3: 1-2 weeks off-course study including completion of Workbook 1 - 40hrs
  • Phase 4: Face-to-face delivery of days 3 and 4 - 16hrs
  • Phase 5: 3-4 weeks off-course study including completion of Workbooks 2 and 3 and revision time in preparation for invigilated exams - 81hrs
  • Phase 6: Face-to-face delivery of day 5 - 8hrs

The maximum period to achieve this qualification (including any referrals) is 12 months.


Initial patient assessment / Physiological observations / Anatomy and physiology / Heart disease / Electrocardiogram application and monitoring / Managing a patient's airway - supraglottic airways / Medical gases - including dosages and administration / Thoracic trauma / Sepsis / Maternity care / Respiratory disorders and infections / Mechanisms of injury and kinetics / Triage / Full body and limb immobilisation / Sexual assault / Major incidents / Psychosocial development in children / Emergency care for sick and injured children / Mental health crisis / Assisting the clinician with clinical interventions.

Assessment & Certification

Course assessments includes:

  • 3 x Practical assessments.
  • 2 x Skills tests.
  • 3 x Assignments.
  • 2 x Invigilated Exams.

Upon successful completion of this course, individuals will receive a QA Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (RQF) printed certificate as well as a credit-card style license. Once achieved this qualification is valid while the individual maintains a continuing professional development (CPD) portfolio and has attended annual refresher training. This qualification may be used towards other qualifications at the same and higher levels, plus aid career progression in a relevant profession.

Entry Requirements

A maximum of 6 students can be accommodated on this course. Please note that students must be at least 18 years old on the first day of training.

Students must have successfully completed:

There are no other formal entry requirements but to benefit from the learning we advise that students have a minimum of Level 2 in literacy and numeracy or equivalent.


We are able to deliver our FREC 4 training course on your premises (subject to a pre-course assessment) to reduce the costs associated with taking time out and travelling. Alternatively, you can book onto our next available course at our Snetterton Training Facility.

Price (Per Student)

£541.00 ex VAT

If you would like more information or to book your FREC 4 training course with us, please complete an enquiries form or call our team on 01603 486448.