Top Tips for a Safe Bonfire Night.

Top Tips for a Safe Bonfire Night.
Top Tips for a Safe Bonfire Night.

Top Tips for a Safe Bonfire Night.

Halloween is just behind us and the next main event of the calendar year is fast approaching. Like most people, we love bonfire night, a chill in the air, warming yourselves around a large bonfire while watching beautiful firework displays. However, from our experience, we also know that sugar-fueled children, darker nights and fire can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Here at Medical Training Solutions, we want you and your family to enjoy bonfire night while remaining safe, that's why we are bringing you our top tips for a fun and safe bonfire night.

Tip #1: Don't DIY your firework display

Vast amounts of fireworks can be purchased relatively cheaply so we understand the urge to celebrate bonfire night at home with family and friends. However, despite step-by-step instructions on the box, fireworks can be unpredictable and extremely dangerous. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public display where stringent safety measures have been put in place.

If we can't convince you to give up your DIY ways, we must stress the importance of planning in advance. The must haves include a fully stocked first aid kit, sand bucket, access to water and a fire blanket.

Tip #2: Be age aware

Sparklers can be so much fun, but they are not suitable for children under 5 years old. While they are pretty and make great photos, they are extremely hot and should only be held with gloves. Once finished, the sparkler needs to be put into a bucket of sand and only disposed of when they have completely cooled down.

If you or your child gets burnt you should hold the burnt area under cool water for ideally 10 or more. Keep a look out for signs of shock. Remove loose clothes but never remove anything that is already stuck to the burn.

Tip #3: Pick your clothes wisely

We can all be fashion conscious, but bonfire night is one night of the year where you should specifically pay attention to the labels in your clothes. You should ensure to pick items that are waterproof and flame resistant. If clothing does catch fire it is important to stay calm but act fast, drop to the ground and roll to put out the flames. It is a simple 'Stop, Drop and Roll' method. Of course, it is then important to seek immediate medical attention.

We can't cover every possible event in our articles, but we recommend you attend a first aid course, so you are best placed to react effectively in an emergency.