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About Us

Medical Training Solutions Ltd operates as a medical training provider across the UK. Our ever expanding network of professional clinical tutors offer a wide variety of accredited, regulated and quality assured training courses across multiple sectors including: First Aid, Mental Health, Manual Handling, Prehospital Care, Tactical Medicine and Health and Social Care.

Having witnessed first hand the devastating consequences of substandard medical care, Medical Training Solutions was formed with the aim of empowering individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide excellent casualty care for any person, in any place, at any time.

To achieve our mission we recognised that we needed the medical expertise of actively practicing healthcare professionals; therefore, we sought individuals from a wide range of clinical specialities including but not limited to Doctors, Ambulance Paramedics, Paediatric Nurses and Military Combat Medical Technicians. At Medical Training Solutions we practice what we preach and lead by example: the capability of your medical staff is our passion and is our business.

Why Choose Us?

About Us

1) Expert medical training

The current pressures facing Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments within the National Health Service (NHS) are severely impacting the availability of frontline ambulances that can respond to emergency calls. Over 500,000 ambulance hours were lost in a year due to transfer delays at hospitals (National Audit Office, 2017), and 172,900 ambulances that attended A&E departments over the winter of 2017 experienced handover delays of more than 30 minutes (NHS Providers, 2018).

These statistics indicate that workplace casualties could be under the care of their appointed first aiders for a much longer period of time. Therefore, expert medical training is key to maximising casualty safety and minimising medico-legal litigation following allegations of poor practice. The active healthcare registrations, enhanced DBS certifications, professional medical qualifications and teaching / education proficiencies held by our training consultants allow you to mitigate these risks as your first aiders will have been trained to a superior standard.

National Audit Office (2017) NHS Ambulance Service / NHS Providers (2018) Mapping the NHS Winter

About Us

2) Inclusive first aid needs assessment

Recent statistics published by the HSE have revealed that approximately 11,500 notices were issued nationally between 2017/18 as a result of poor workplace health and safety (HSE, 2018). This transcribed into £72,600,000 worth of fines resulting from prosecutions taken, including those referred to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) in Scotland by the HSE where a conviction was achieved (HSE, 2018). This figure, which has increased by a staggering 400% over the last 4 years (HSE, 2018), suggests that risk assessments are not being conducted to a satisfactory standard.

In order to assist you, all of our training packages come with an optional pre-course first aid needs consultation. This is completely free-of-charge and involves a comprehensive assessment of your workplace to identify what training, equipment and documentation you require in order to be compliant with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

Health and Safety Executive (2018) Summary statistics for Great Britain 2018

3) Realistic casualty simulation

Here at Medical Training Solutions we feel that your training should take you as close to real-life as physically possible. That is why we have invested in TraumaFX®; a casualty prosthetics range designed to provide realistic trauma simulation and enhance your learning experience.

We use a wide range of prosthetics during our training courses that are able to simulate various different types of casualty conditions such as wounds, bruises, fractures, catastrophic bleeding, burns, gunshots, stabbings and eviscerations. In our experience, utilising these training aids better prepares students to manage the real-life medical emergencies that they are likely to encounter as a workplace first aider.

About Us

4) Flexible training courses & optional mobile services

We can offer flexible training courses that can be tailored to minimise the disruption caused by abstracting members of staff for prolonged periods of time to attend training. This means that we able to deliver your training packages over a period of time within arrangements that are most convenient for you.

We also offer a mobile service that provides 'in-house' training on your premises. This involves a brief pre-course assessment of your venue to ensure that it has the necessary facilities to host your training. Once this is completed, it will enable us to transport all of our training resources and equipment to you so that you do not have to send your staff away to training centres. This service is included completely free-of-charge and does not incur any additional mileage payments.

Our Values

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The clinical expertise and professional credibility of all of our training consultants allows you to achieve a superior level of medical provision and patient care within your workplace. This level of excellence is unique to Medical Training Solutions and therefore is crucial to our brand; it is what sets us apart from other training providers.

First Aid East Anglia and London, First Aid Training East Anglia and London, First Aid Courses East Anglia and London


We are constantly developing the qualifications we deliver around the latest clinical guidance. This means you can feel confident that your staff are providing optimal casualty care and therefore are less likely to suffer the repercussions of medico-legal litigation following allegations of poor practice; a process which consumes valuable time and resources.

First Aid East Anglia and London, First Aid Training East Anglia and London, First Aid Courses East Anglia and London


We are focused on delivering exceptional training within arrangements that are most convenient for our clients. Understanding the busy and often challenging dynamics of the corporate world allows us to minimise the disruptions that can be associated with abstracting members of staff for training purposes.

First Aid East Anglia and London, First Aid Training East Anglia and London, First Aid Courses East Anglia and London


We feel that we have a personal responsibility to involve ourselves with any opportunity that aims to better the circumstances of individuals and groups across the globe. That is why our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign supports the incredible work of charity organisations such as FutureStars and Combat Stress.